Link Roundup: July 23 – 29

Ah, the internet. Full of all kinds of information, some helpful, some… well, let’s just say not-so-helpful. From edible marketing to a cease-and-desist letter chock-full of Southern charm, here’s a list of the links we posted last week. Enjoy!

July 23

How building a website is like building a home

July 24

Turn your instagram photos into edible chocolate bars

A surprisingly long list of everything smartphones have replaced

July 25

Why everyone should do customer support

5 Twitter tools to enhance your marketing

Handmade guitars make a splash in Nashville

July 26

How funny advertising lowers our guard

How to train your creative mind

July 27

4 Luxury brands with an outstanding digital experience

The world’s nicest cease-and-desist letter goes viral

Recommendations are what drives your business

And that’s it for this week’s roundup! Look for new links posted almost every weekday on our facebook page, on Twitter, and on Pinterest!

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