Link Roundup: August 20-26

Did you know that motivation can actually make you less productive? Or that you can be an authority in the office without being a jerk about it? Neither did we, until we read these great articles this week!

Here are the links we shared this week:

August 20

Tracking the customer’s journey to purchase

Why motivation is hurting your productivity (and how to fix it)

August 21

Listening to complainers is bad for your brain

August 22

‘Star Wars’ travel posters

How to exert authority at work without yelling or screaming

August 23

Overcoming hurdles in mobile advertising

10 B2B companies that create exceptional content

August 24

What successful people do with the first hour of their work day

It’s more important to be kind than clever

And that’s a wrap! Look for new links posted almost every weekday on our facebook page, on Twitter, and on Pinterest!

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