Link Roundup: October 15-21

We took a little time off from the Link Roundup, but this Monday, we’re back and better than ever! Last week, we shared links regarding tips for mobile site building, signs that you have found the work you were meant to do, and (our personal favorite of the week) a crazy idea for a trampoline bridge across the river Seine.

October 15

World-class buildings for the underserved, at under $10k

Nine tips for building a solid mobile website

If you’re too busy to meditate, read this

October 16

Customers respond to sites whipped into mobile shape

8 signs you’ve found your life’s work

October 17

21 inspiring iPhone app websites

In Paris, an inflatable trampoline bridge

October 18

Google throws open doors to its top-secret data center

24 ways to be uncommonly productive today

That’s it for this week! Look for new links posted almost every weekday on our facebook page, on Twitter, and on Pinterest!

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