Link Roundup: November 5 – 11

After months of nonstop campaigning, the election is finally out of the way and we can all go back to our normal business, right?

Well, despite the turmoil of our electoral process, we still were able to post a bunch of great links last week. Here they are!

November 5

Free disaster planning white paper from Comcast

Don’t waste your time telling employees how to vote

November 6

Getting your ‘Why Us’ story straight

10 mind-blowing examples of digital painting

November 7

Infographic: Anatomy of a graphic designer

Nine surefire ways to make your blog fail

November 8

Handling a social media mishap 

3 ways to promote your brand without facebook

November 9

The new SEO: How to build an online presence Google will love

How small businesses can deal with fraudulent negative reviews

That’s it for this week! Look for new links posted almost every weekday on our facebook page, on Twitter, and on Pinterest!

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