Why WordPress is great for small businesses

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Deluxe Interactive Services, a small business itself, serves other small businesses with their web and online presence needs. We power our own sites with WordPress and recommend it to our clients.  It’s not that it’s the only viable CMS (Content Management System) available, but for a number of reasons it is our number one choice.

First of all, WordPress is both flexible and easy to use. It can go from being a programming tool for a high end developer to a CMS which the least of the tech-savvy can use. If you can operate a word processor, you’ve got all the skills needed to update content, add images, and even add or delete pages on a website. Developers can wield a WordPress theme into virtually any look desired. Once a site is complete, the developer can happily hand over the reins to the client, who then has the freedom to make updates (and can forego waiting on developer to make the changes!). If the client would rather have their updates handled for them, the the developer can make the WordPress updates quickly and easily, therefore faster and with less expense.

Another reason we love WordPress is because of the availability of support, plugins, and themes. WordPress is huge and growing. A recent article in Forbes stated, ”Today WordPress powers one of every 6 websites”. What that means for a small development team like ours is that what used to require a costly team of programmers to put together can now be managed by a few people — or even a single trained developer! There is a vast resource pool of functionality at our finger tips and tons of forums and support groups for learning and sharing ideas. And this pool just keeps growing. What all this means to clients is the availability of almost anything they want for a reasonable cost. It is truly the great equalizer of our time.

And if all this weren’t enough to inspire folks to start constructing their “I Love WordPress” signs, buttons and banners, WordPress makes it easy for clients to do a decent job with SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) if they are willing to keep up with it.

We use WP because we love the vast array of services we can offer and we love making our clients happy. If they want full control, we make sure to design it in a way that they will need us as little as they want! If they are too busy to handle their own updates, we can do a good job for them in a reasonable time and at a cost that won’t make their head spin.

many hands holding tree saplingUsing WordPress has been a big win-win for us and our clients — and we are all about that! We can even point possible future clients toward a completely free WordPress option. If you don’t mind having WordPress in your URL and are happy to stick with a WordPress-built template, you can create a site for absolutely nothing. We remember times when had a great idea and a $0 budget. It is one of Deluxe Interactive Service’s core beliefs that this is an abundant world and the more people that are doing well, the better off we all are. WordPress seems to have this kind of “lifting of the community” mentality and we really feel good about being a part of it.

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