Cross marketing while building community

The members of the Deluxe Interactive Services marketing team, also known as Jean and Richard, have many and varied interests outside of DIS.

All Deluxe All the Time

All Deluxe All the Time

Richard is a writer, currently working on two novels as well as the content writer and handy man for a side business of the couple’s called “All Deluxe All the Time“. Jean teaches yoga and plays in the band After 2 Glasses, with members Paul Walters and Michael Callahan who are in other bands and with other outside interests. Jean is also a writer, graphic artist and content developer for “All Deluxe All the Time”. In addition, DIS has a slew of clients focusing on building their own audiences.

What is good about all this? Our car sports a bumper sticker that claims, “Everyone does better when everyone does better,” and we believe it! Not only do we believe it, but make it a big part of our marketing effort.

After 2 Glasses

After 2 Glasses

For instance, yesterday After 2 Glasses was filmed and interviewed in the Airstream parked outside of the Bottle Tree that acts as the green room for visiting bands. Mary Colurso authors a feature on about local bands called “The Birmingham Sessions” and we were lucky enough to get a spot. Many thanks, Mary! After 2 Glasses will be the featured band the week of March 11, 2013.

Is this merely altruism? No. We do indeed hope for the best for everyone, but in an effort to be totally transparent, another core belief or ours, we are hopeful that After 2 Glasses gets hits and gigs as a result. We expect our musical partners to get some attention from links on the A2G site. We are also hopeful that folks notice the ‘Website developed by’ link in the footer so DIS will gain clients. We believe there is potential for some of the venues that have supported us and have links featured on our site to see a boost in online traffic. And, it’s not out of the question that a potential client of some of our clients might make it to the portfolio page and find just the right vendor for their needs.

Deluxe Interactive Services reskinning for IntuitivEdge life coaching.

Our most recent re-skin for IntuitivEdge life coaching.

As our clients grow and increase their web audience, the potential to grow ours along side is real and something we count on.

So, be looking for our story to post on Monday via and best of luck to all in (and outside of) our community!


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