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Garden Shop of Homewood

Garden Shop of Homewood

We created Garden Shop of Homewood’s website several years ago, when WordPress was still thought of as a blogging platform. All they needed was a 5 page brochure-ware site to send folks for contact information, store times, and a little background on the shop.

Pam Clark, the owner of Garden Shop of Homewood, recently decided to make a few updates to her site and asked what she could do to improve her search rankings. The first thing we thought of was to add blogging capability. Her basic HTML site functions well for her needs and is not so old that she should redesign yet. What to do?

We added a WordPress blog that mimics the look and feel of her current site. By adding a “Garden Shop Journal” link to her main menu, users can read her latest posts and then click on another menu link and be back at the main site.

As we make more updates to her site, we’ll move all the pages to WordPress a page at a time. Eventually, Ms Clark will have the ability to update all her pages with fresh text and new photos whenever she wants.

I think it’s a pretty good solution for folks who have good working ¬†websites but envy the freedom available through a WordPress content management system. You can give Deluxe Interactive Services a call at 205.307.0540 or contact us for a quote. Let us help you get your site into your own hands!

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