Pinterest, the final chapter

This is part three in a series on using Pinterest for small business

Pinterest is basically a visually-oriented social network. The focus is mainly lifestyle and so ideas and interests get passed around in a sort of digital grassroots style. I like the idea of being able to network with a like-minded group of people from all over the world. IMHO, this is social networking at its best.

I have often thought about the words an artist friend said to me years ago as I bemoaned my lack of funds. “It doesn’t really matter how good you are or what you paint,” he claimed over a beer at the bar of The Back Alley. “Somewhere out there exists a group of people who will want what you do. You just have to find them.”

While this was encouraging in some ways, I felt as lost as ever, not knowing how to connect with these alleged individuals. The possibility of making a living with brush and canvas seemed just as far-fetched as ever. Fast forward a couple of decades and here it is. Pinterest is the missing piece to that puzzle.

So what do you do? Get active. Go check out what others are posting! I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, begin by making a few boards. If you’ve got a blog, you could add graphics from stories with a link back to the original writing. You could make a board that highlights your best customers using your product or service. You could create a board of Pins you’ve found that support your brand or lifestyle. Another board could be just about your company, highlighting employees, your history and office events. The key is to keep it real and keep it visual.

Follow other related boards you find to help build your community. You really want to connect with your community and the best way of doing that is showing them who you are! Create a board that tells all about the company, the history as well as the principals.

All Deluxe All the Time

All Deluxe All the Time

Become a resource for your audience by selecting pertinent pins. Our little business, All Deluxe All the Time, is about mindful living. We have a Pinterest page and feature several boards from our different blog categories. We also have a board full of organic gardening pins from others. Another features yoga links. One is just for quotes that apply to the lifestyle we are promoting.

Be sure to follow best practices when poking and pinning in Pinterest.

First and foremost, be kind. There’s no need to rip somebody or their work. Just move along and find what you do like.

When you do like somebody’s boards, say so. Make sure everyone gets their proper credit!

Be honest with what you post. You want to find and attract a like-minded community. Putting up work that is not yours or not authentic to your lifestyle is counterproductive.

That’s about it for now. Social networking and online marketing is an ever evolving business. My advice is just to jump in, keep at it and if it works, keep doing it. Not every network is for every business so give them a try and use your best judgement on what is right for your business personality.

Have fun and best of pinning!

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